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Wouldn't it be so wonderful it we didn't need to have this discussion?  Maybe by the time our babies have babies of their own the idea of being circumcised vs. remaining intact will be a non-issue.
I could possibly be speaking out of turn because I don't have a son, but I would treat circumcision like I would a body modification (i.e. body/facial piercing, tattoos) and not allow it until he turns 18.  At that point, he'd be an adult and could choose to do whatever he wants to his body (although I would certainly hope he chooses to stay intact).
I LOVE your DH's reaction.  Very levelheaded and got the point across VERY well :)   As far as breastfeeding your toddler, you keep doing what you're doing for as long as you (and your child) want to keep doing it!  Who knows, maybe you'll inspire some other new mother to join you ahead of the curve!
I wonder if maybe your son is picking up on the tension you're feeling and that keeps him up?   Maybe you could try easing into bedtime.  Maybe a bath, a small snack or nurse, bedtime story, lowering the lights.  That way he would know exactly what to expect and maybe he'll be more open to sleep.
  Hey now, you can't just tell us something like that without giving us a hint about what your DH wrote!
HSaunders, how is everything going with DD? 
dakotablue, let us know if your DS likes the doll when he gets it!   I have seen more than a few little boys carrying dolls around the neighborhood and I think it's adorable!
"Taking it out" on the child?  That's really what you think she's doing?  Doesn't seem to be the case at all.  
No, you're not rambling!  What you're saying makes perfect sense.  That is why when I read Ms. Aldort's book, I was like...
I agree with 2xy about the chiro.  Just to make sure all the moving parts are moving like they should be.   I am so glad he's feeling better!  Nothing can ruin a day quicker than a sore neck.
New Posts  All Forums: