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Is there an updated thread? How is everyone? I haven't been around much. Trying to wrestle my laptop away from baby is too much for me! My ds started walking at 9 mos. and trying to climb. He's still my fussy guy and had ear infections over the holidays. He has seven teeth now too. He sleeps with us still...not well though. Every now and again I get a little relief and he'll sleep in his crib for an hour.
It would probably be a negative mark on our credit report. I rechecked the offer letter and it expired two days ago. They didn't give us much time. I wonder if we will receive another letter or if I should call. I hate calling them because they are absolutely clueless.
Our Mort Co wants to settle our 2nd mort for 10% of what we owe. We recently fell behinfd on payments and they modified the loan with us. Since then we have kept current on our payments. Our first mort is also through the same company. Anyone have any experience with this?
No! I would not have ANY surgery unless something was interfering wih my health. There are so many possible complications.
I'm sick of writing thank you notes. Especially for gifts that I've already said thank you to the giver in-person. And usually I will call or email if a gift has come through the mail. However, I think some of the older generation feel that it's rude not to. How about thank you postcard...those are less expensive to send and you don't have to write much on them!
Glad there is a new thread. JP is actually asleep right now. Which doesn't happen very often. He is now 6.5 months. He has four teeth and is sitting up with occasional support. He also pushes up on his hands and knees. He is still a very fussy baby. I work four days a week and he has a hard time taking the bottle and doesn't seem to like pureed baby food. My dh is really frustrated with his fussiness. He wakes several times in the night, he nurses almost all night and I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by sewingmommy Went to Barnes and Nobles and bought myself the new Philippa Gregory Book I like some of her books. It's hit or miss...some are kind of naughty.
Thanks for everyones perspectives. I've been home battling shingles and I guess feeling a little "woe is me". I grew up in a large old home that my parents poured their time and money into. It's a beautiful, one of a kind place. It's basically my parents pride and joy. They give everyone tours. They are very judgemental about other peoples' homes. Picking apart the craftsmanship, design, cleanliness. I do not want to live in a showpiece, nor do I want to spend the time and...
I bought a book awhile back on organization. The last chapter was about organizing "end of life" stuff. I told my mom about "this great book". It was a conversation starter and found out my parents had already handled that stuff.
Guest bathroom would be great! Not knocking them, really just feel sort of like a failure because I can't provide such a nice house for my own kids. I know we will visit and they will say, "I wish we could have a house like this." And you know I'm thinking the same thing!
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