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So recently several family members who already had big newer homes bought even bigger newer beautiful homes with pools etc... I'm happy for them that they are happy. They work hard for what they have. They had the feeling that they needed "more room". OK, whatever. 3500 sq ft for a family of four? That would be a palace for us! But part of me is envious. We live in an older home (everything needs fixing) 2 bed 1 bath. We're a family of six. I am blessed to have a house...
Crashing... Hi Ladies, I was due March 2010...but had baby in April I found eating VERY small amounts throughout the day along with sips of liquid. And getting as much rest as possible. The days I had to get up early and go to work were the worst. I found I felt better the rest of the day if I could sleep in. Aromatherapy really worked for me too. I carried around this little piece of soap that smelled really good to me and when I smelled something nasty or started to...
Yey for an August thread....
Deir-what about ciders? Do those contain gluten? baby J will be four months next week. He wants to be held all the time with me standing up or preferably walking around the house narrating his surroundings. The last week or so he's been waking up a lot through the night, even though he sleeps right next to me. But his naps are consistent throughout the day.
Our Sophie is MIA...off to look under the couch.
Oh my gosh, J went 6 days without pooping. I just kept putting more in and nothing was coming out, but gas. Finally yesterday he exploded all in his carseat when we were heading out to swim. His hands are constantly in his mouth. I let him chew on my knuckle every now and then and it's like OUCH!
"you guys need to get better jobs" Yeah, don't we all! Sorry, I can only offer a hug and an ear. My dh and I are up @#$% creek too. We owe $3000 in taxes and are now a month behind on our mortgage. I had quit my full-time job because we have a new baby. I started working part-time but they aren't calling me much. I'm so worried things are going to get worse. I hope something works out for you.
What a great thread!
organicmom3 and cocoanib Thank you for your responses. I needed to hear some kind words today!
J had his 3 month birthday on July 4th. He's getting so big and really starting to enjoy his big brothers. Nursing is going well and most night we sleep well together, although I feel tired most days. He's been a very gassy baby and I've stayed pretty gassy even after pregnancy is over. He's nowhere near a mellow baby---he defintely goes from happy to freaking out in seconds. I've been feeling down and pretty stressed out lately. I had to quit my full-time job because...
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