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I've missed the last two episodes. It's an OK show. My 13 yo is watching it with me which is kind of fun.
If I can when I'm older and possibly a "grandma" I hope I can do that for my kids. I would love to help them buy groceries especially from a natural foods store.
My son was 5 and fell from the top of the bunkbed because he was trying to reach out and put a stuffed animal on one of the ceiling fan blades. He also fractured his clavicle. I believe we were told 6 wks. to avoid activity. It was hard keeping him in a sling and he absolutely refused to let me immobilize it. I sort of gave up avoiding activity with him. I just didn't allow him to climb on anything. He's 13 now!
Glad to hear she is doing well. I often "forget" about the drama in the early days of my third son's birth. To see him as a happy, healthy seven year old is my wish come true.
I've found that some days I feel pretty productive and other days just awful. Trying to develop a system! Having my older children help is probably the only thing that gets me through the day.
My dad had lymphoma and then several years later was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is a very healthy guy, lots of exercise and eats a good varied diet and non-smoker. He decided to have his prostate removed and everything has gone well. That was probably 5 years ago. It's defintely a stressful situation for the whole family. Best wishes to you and your family!
Reading this made me think of a moment when my grandfather told me (after my grandma had been gone for maybe 5 yrs), "I can't believe all the hard work she had to do taking care of six kids. " Then he went on to describe all the daily tasks she did caring for the children. He had probably never told her that while she was alive but after she was gone he truly realized how much she did for everyone. He really was in awe of her.
Ours was out last summer. Of course when we had 30 days straight of over 100 F temps. We had a company come out and they said it would take $1200 to fix. They said we needed a new motor. My dh went to an electrical shop and bought a new motor for around $175. Then he tried to hook it up but couldn't figure out the electrical. We paid a handyman $90 to complete. He was up there for maybe 15 mins. but it was SO worth it. We would not have been able to afford the $1200! I...
Yes, seems like I was once on here everyday...but well you ALL know!
Is there a common area at work? Like a lounge or something? I would get one big card and leave it out on a table or tack it to a bulletin board, along with a picture of the baby (when he/she arrives).
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