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Are you getting a second opinion?
The Gerson diet...check it out.
Quote: Originally Posted by kittywitty I know. It seems like they totally ignored plot and the story and just went for a big happy "awwww" ending that to me was a little morbid and totally disrespectful to the characters we spent 6 years getting to know.
That's how I'm feeling right now about this finale.
Hmmm...in CA we do not have to provide social security #
We have a rabbit. I would not want him to go thirsty.
mrs t- so glad you started this thread. my 5 week old (born 4/4) is exactly how you described yours. Today was a tough day, especially! I feel like I could have written your posts.
Are you in the U.S.? If so, it falls under the FMLA. You will want to get a signed note from your doctor and if it pertains to pregnancy they don't have be any more specific than that. However, you should let your employer know ASAP. I had originally planned on leaving my job on March 10, but left one week earlier. I just got my OB to write a note. I couldn't physically perform my job anymore.
Craft/art supplies like markers, construction paper, scissors, pencils with fun erasers.
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