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Is she a red head? She is so cute. Happy 2 month birthday!
Thanks! Took a walk with the youngest two , had a nap and then went to my mom's and cooked dinner. Not one of the most exciting days but it was OK.
Looking forward to it!
Still bleeding postpartum...hopefully I get a few months off soon!
Ds seems like he's only content when nursing or in his swing. I'm starting to feel like he doesn't like me
I feel like a mess. I don't have too many clothes to begin with. I'm not looking forward to going back to work because I have nothing that fits. And because I'm not working I have no $ to buy anything new.
Good for you! Sometimes I think they are so fussy in the evenings because they are bored I got to go to lunch with dh the other day and baby slept the whole time. I couldn't believe it. It was so relaxing!
Ds will take a paci as long as he's been fed and he's very sleepy. Thank god! Like a PP said he came out sucking on his hand and could suck all day long. My boobs are just way too sensitive. We sleep tummy to tummy and he usually nurses to sleep. Last night was really bad, he was very gassy. Our co-sleeper has now become the spot for clean laundry.
We have a Nature's Touch cradle swing. It was loaned to us from a friend. It's working fine. I only put him in it once a day in the early part of the morning after we get up. He is mostly just fussy in the evenings though. Last night was exceptionally bad. I haven't tried the swing when he was most fussy because he freaks if I put him down.
My house was a disaster BEFORE baby, now it's almost comical how disorganized it is. To top it all off my biggest helper (13 yo DS) was sick so he really couldn't help with dishes, trash and dog. Dh does nothing in the house, but that's another story. I'm going to start a spring cleaning list for one small task everyday...like clean out sock drawer. I need to get some things done! ciga-I really felt that way with my first. Have you looked into a new mom's group in your...
New Posts  All Forums: