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At least with this baby I truly recognize the need to rest. My three older children are in school so it's usually just the baby and I all day. It's actually relaxing although mornings getting the kids ready is hectic and evenings too. I tried making tacos the other night for the kids and it took forever and baby was screaming. I wanted to cry! I may try to read. I've been watching TV way too much. I think Pride and Prejudice was on a loop for 24 hrs on E. I have some...
I'm surprised at my lack of energy. I'm still bleeding bright red, although definitely less painful and swollen. Stitches are still sore, had a tear. Spend most of my time on the couch with baby nursing and sleeping. He screams when I put him down so of course I do nothing all day! I'm a little weepy, lonely. I get a really sad feeling with let-down when nursing... How is everyone else?
The way they fit perfectly curled up on your chest! Their skinny little chicken legs. The huge farts that come out of their tiny bodies.
Our family LOVES Legoland. It is way more family friendly. It is definitely less spectacular than Disney but lots of things to do with the little ones.
I got that question a lot with this pregnancy because there is such an age gap with our kids...13, 10, 7 and the new one is 5 days old! They assume correctly he was a little surprise. If they want more detail I can share with them how dh and I went away for the weekend (the first time in 13 years) and I was really sure I wasn't ovulating...they usually look uncomfortable at this point.
Yes, I love when they tell you don't push...it makes you want to push all the more! Congratulations, hope everything goes well with just you and the boys.
Fingers crossed for you!
Congratulations to you! It's funny how hard it is to type once your holding a baby...take your time with your story!
So your dh was the guy that cut us off on the freeway! Congratulations! Lovely photos...your other daughter looks like she is in love.
And remember you are only disabled for usually 6 weeks postpartum...so the rest of your leave is unpaid. Try and save what little you can until the baby is born. Is there any way your dh can take a family leave after you go back to work to avoid childcare costs for a few months. Would either of you be able to work part-time? You don't really need a 2 bedroom apt for a while. Could you move to a cheaper place? Can you find out if there is a way you can hold off on making...
New Posts  All Forums: