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My third day postpartum...actually not too bad. Although, I'm having trouble putting sentences together. My brain is in slow mode! Dh had to go back to work which really stinks. Trying to decide if I should just veg or actually do something...like a load of laundry!
Our baby boy arrived this past Sunday at 7:36 pm weighing 8 pounds 12 ounces. It was fast and furious and boy is he a cranky fellow! So glad to be on the other side.
We've had a house bunny for the last 4 years. yes we have an indoor hutch/cage that is in the kids room. He seems to like being in there because they take him out, pet him etc. They are old enough to be unsupervised with him (13, 10 and 7) He also gets outside play time (weather permitting). We can't let him free roam in the house because he chews on everything, especially wires. He is a fairly easy pet and he's portable so if we go out of town we can bring him to my...
Playing is part of my job...occupational therapy. I also love the outdoors and refer to "nature time" where we go to the park, out hiking ect...I love exploring new places, or digging in the sand. I don't really enjoy games (computer, board games) My kids don't get why I don't want to play their video games! I'd rather be on MDC.
Your visit is to focus on you and your family. I don't see any reason to try and squeeze in a visit with them. They don't need to know about your visit and you don't owe them any explanation.
Beth, mom of three boys and I'm being induced tomorrow on Easter Sunday with our fourth...unless our little one comes on his own in the next few hours Maybe some prayers for me as I'm feeling very anxious
Good luck, SamGroom. Hoping for a little miracle today too! The anxiety has me up at 5 am.
My family had this weird thing of telling me the gypsies would come and take me away when I was bad. It's something from the "old country". My grandfather could even speak some Romani (sp?).
Congratulations and welcome to Asher!
I wish you the best. Send the rest of us labor vibes too!
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