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Went in to have baby monitored today...he's doing well and I have plenty of amniotic fluid. However, my placenta has started to calcify (sp?). Let's hope things get moving soon.
Yey for little boys! How exciting for his big brother to get to be there. Congrats!
My house is usually a disaster. It's even worse right before we leave for a trip because I've been packing, doing laundry and getting our cooler ready. And when we get home I think it takes weeks for everything to get put away. We tend to get home late on a Sunday night and then I have to work Monday morning. All week I just step over the stuff!
Sleeping in! They aren't even up yet. We haven't done anything fun. We thought our new baby would have joined us already and they would've been busy learning about baby care.
Me! I guess I'm 41 weeks 1 day. I'm getting more anxious and ticked off I was given a due date to begin with. I keep getting asked, "how long will they let you go?" I guess I'm annoying people because they have to keep checking on me.
Hoping baby makes an appearance before Sunday. I keep thinking will they come looking for me if I don't show up on Sunday?
Congrats to you and your dh.
Congrats to you and welcome to your baby girl!
Will go back on THurs for a stress test and my OB wants me in Sunday am to be induced unless baby shows up on his own.
41 weeks 6 days here. Have a check up with my OB, I know he will be talking induction. Just not looking forward to it. Definitely think this little one is an April baby!
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