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sorry must be in the dark...what's wrong with them?
Baby is no longer breastfeeding as she decided to night wean her so she could get more sleep. Her supply dropped and now she is giving her formula exclusively. She put baby in her own room so she can CIO. She is also on a strict feeding schedule with her two year old. If it's 4:45 and he's crying because he's hungry, no he must wait until 5:00...because that is what time he is supposed to eat. We live 500 miles from each other...it might as well be other planets.
Short term disability for the 8 wks I'm considered disabled. But I had no sick leave or vacation saved up as I used all of that for having bad morning sickness in my first trimester.
A lot of places don't even have minivans available. I once got a Ford Expedition for the price of an economy. If you are flying sometimes you can book your flight and there will be pop-ups ads to the side for rental cars. They will give you a coupon code which usually can give you an upgrade or really good rate.
Lots of Sunday sales in my area. We've only had Sat sales and it wasn't worth the effort.
OOH good, keep the ideas coming. Forgot to add I will be breastfeeding and have a mama cloth stash and diaper stash already.
Ds age 13 wants a very shaggy haired look. He is very sensitive about his hair, it's thick and grows quickly. He combs it straight forward over his forehead which has started to break-out. To me it looks awful...but I remember my mother being controlling over my looks so he can do whatever he wants. I noticed at his school many of the boys have long hair or shaggy. Most of the girls also have long hair that is not styled or pulled back, it just sort of hangs. They look...
He may just sense that something is not quite right in the household (you being sick). It may be a sense of comfort being with MIL. I'm sure it has nothing to do with your parenting!
Love to hear ideas from others as I'm off the next few months...have a little in savings that I managed to put aside but definitely need ideas. Here's what I have so far: -no eating out, we are a family of 5 and basically it's around $50 or $20 for fast food. I can make several meals with that amount of money. -carpool with neighbor to get my oldest son to school, she does 3 days a week and I do two. -put unused or other baby items on consignment -yey it's...
Ahhh! My sister is a babywiser. She started "sleep training" her 3 WEEK old. She couldn't believe she was waking up every 2-3 hours to feed! I saw the book at Borders and I almost picked up the whole stack and carried them over to sci-fi.
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