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Potatoes. I love red potatoes, you could fry them, mash them etc.. Add onions, peppers or green beans.
Sent you an email!
Wow! What a horrible story, I'm so sorry for the victims and their families. I am training to become a paramedic and that really hits close to home.
We've been together ten years, and we say it whenever we feel the urge to. I've never kept track. Sometimes I just go up to dh and hug him and I don't say anything. But he knows it means I love him. I tell my children I love them everyday in the morning and then before they go to bed.
You have to go with your gut feeling. If his airway is compromised it's a serious situation. He could just have the flu, my middle son and I were very sick for over two weeks. It just lingered.
My husband and I did the opposite hours thing for six years. You definitely should try and change your schedule if you feel your family would benefit. Maybe you could write your boss a note. I always find that's the best way, it beats confronting them face to face, especially if they are busy and in the middle of something. I usually say in the note that I would like to talk to them about it. This lets them know what you want to talk to them about ahead of time and...
Just wanted to give you some support. I had to pump for a few months when my son had open heart surgery. The electric pumps never worked well for me, I preferred the hand-pump, Isis, I think was the name. It was an extremely stressful time, which I'm very glad we made it through. Telling yourself you'll be pumping for a whole year sounds very overwhelming. Try taking it day by day. Don't get discouraged, you are doing a wonderful thing for your child.
Good luck. Sending you positive thoughts. I know how stressful it can be! Stay strong, mama!
I HATE RERUNS! I think the baby blanket was green, by the way. I like the idea that Zack was actually Dana.
With Netzero you can have up to 10 hrs. a month free. After your 10 hrs. it won't let you log on anymore. We did this for several years and it worked really well. It gave us enough time to check emails and do a few other minor things.
New Posts  All Forums: