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Hepatitis B vaccine
We are on the Dave Ramsey plan. Currently we are saving 15% to retirement. Before that we saved for a 6 mon. Emergency fund. Anything over the 15% we are saving for a minivan. We have been following the program for over a year and a half and it has changed everything for us and improved our marriage. We are big Ramsey fans!!!
We are having baby girl #3. I too was hoping for a boy but am really excited about having 3 girls. I just texted everyone because honestly my family would not have reacted excited to the news so this way I wouldn't have to have my feelings hurt.
I have the same thing everyone wants me to have a boy. Sooo annoying! I know that if I am having a girl everyone will be disappointed! Seriously what is up with that!
I love Hylands, especially the teething tablets. i recommend them to everyone with a teething baby they have been a lifesaver.
I found with my LO I would nurse her to sleep and than set a time that I would nurse her again (for me it was 5am) and than she would sleep until 7am. That was one of the last ones that she dropped. I tried to fight that one but after a week of her crying and me trying to walk her to sleep and comfort her in every way but nursing I finally stopped fighting it. We are down to one a day and it too is nursing to sleep. Although we have started nursing and than cuddling to...
Over here we are down to nursing once a day, which is amazing considering when I got pregnant she was nursing at least 5x at night and 8x in the day!!! I had to begin weaning her because it was just too painful and I, emotionally could not take it anymore. We started by night weaning and than once she got used to that I began setting how many times we could nurse a day. I was going to drop one session every two or three weeks depending on how she was doing but she has been...
We sorta did EC. Once my children turn about 6 months I start having them sit on the potty to go number 2. :) I do this since I cloth diaper and really don't want to deal with solid poo!!! Both my children always used the potty to go poo. My first still took awhile to fully potty train but my second was completely done by 2 (except at night) and that was without even trying. She just wanted to be like her big sister. When they are really little it sounds like a pain to me...
April Valentina Lillian Valentina Isabelle Valentina Meredith Valentina Abigail Valentina I have no idea what any of those names mean though :)
Congrats! We never did anything special for the big reveal scrapbook idea is cute. I saw on pinterest where a couple put balloons in a box and wrapped it and when their parents opened it all the balloons floated out. We find out on the 20th! I am so excited!
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