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My two are kindergarten and age 3, we love to prep lunches together when we go places using reusable snack pouches, napkins and cloth bags. We love to take care of the earth and have begun teaching that before we even start school.
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I enjoyed bored. I would like to see an entry about setting up a day for homeschool nd examples of what it can look like with younger children in tow.
Nice, let me know
My 5 year old can not swallow the pills, they are pretty big. He does not like the combo gel, he prefers to take them separately and will take the orange flavored one. We have to have a drink sitting next to them that he can drink ( milk or water) after too.
My son hates laughing gas, he said it makes him feel funny and prefers " the little shot". We talked about the quick pinch that will make his mouth sleepy. A snuggly blanket to keep his warm and all tight like a big hug, was what we said bout the retraints. The dentist showed him all the tools and let his tough them before they started and we taked constantly throughout the time to keep him distracted. He did pretty well, I stayed with him and say next to him in the...
Are you on the yahoo curriculum supplies group? I would be Interrested in a coop if one is offered.
I love the placemat idea, I might use that one.
What is the discount? I might be Interrested.
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