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I needed more help with out older child (3 yo) than the babies at first. Some good ideas I have heard of in the past are to buy gift cards to a nearby grocery in small amounts so that you can send help out to pick up the little things you need, milk, bread, detergent...whatever your household has run out of that would have been no big deal to run and get previously, schedule time for people to come hold/play with kiddos so the little things like a shower can get done,...
Yep, he is in GA.  He is my OB as well and delivered my twins at 41+1.  mommy2plus3, I hope you are able to find a supportive caregiver, I know they are pretty rare. 
We currently drive intown to Intown Pediatrics.  Love the nurse practioner there, but it can be a drive.    Sami, can you PM me your ped info, please?
Hey! I am in the Conyers area. We have been using Intown Peds as well. I have considered getting on the waiting list for Dr. Owen although I keep hoping to find something a bit closer. I second Dekalb Farmers Market, used to live right around the corner from there and love it. Oxford is about 15-20 min east of Conyers. I did my first to years of college at Oxford and love the school. Although I would enjoy living there for the quiet, country feel, I think it...
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