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I just wanted to post that Dr Golnick is not accepting new patients. I met with a doctor in her practice and he says he does retract at well baby exams so that's not any better than what I've got now. If she is an intact friendly doc, I guess she's not really rubbing off on her colleagues!
I posted a while back about trying to find a ped for my intact son on the northside of Indy. Of the few suggestions I got, one wasn't taking new patients, one isn't anywhere near me and the other doesn't accept my insurance. The one doctor who isn't accepting new patients had other docs in her practice so I figured hey why not go meet with one she works with? He said he retracts during well baby exams. I found another ped via a friend who has a girl. I liked the ped ok...
Oh my gosh thank you for all the recommendations. I feel so much better already!! I could kiss you all!
I am new to the Indianapolis area and expecting our first child in November. I need to find a pediatrician who is well versed in caring for intact boys. I have read too many horror stories about doctors retracting the foreskin on babies which causes damage. I spoke with my GP (who I planned to use instead of seeing a pediatrician) and he said he does retract the foreskin during well baby checks. I was glad he was honest with me but I am not comfortable taking our son...
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