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Could it be a Disana Tie Nappy? http://www.tinybirdsorganics.com/org...tie_nappy.html
Quote: Originally Posted by ssj77 I'd suggest a happy heinys trainer with a super-do insert. The key is really going to be the insert no matter which diaper/trainer you go with. The reason why I suggest the trainer is because they come in large sizes and have plenty of room to "stuff" the trainer. So if you find you need even more absorbancy than the super-do, you can wrap a prefold around it. I have never seen a child leak out of a super-do wrapped...
I need suggestion on finding a diaper or a pull on style diaper for night time use on a toddler that weighs 55 lbs. Here are her measurements: 26" Waist 16" Thigh 19" Rise I need it to be a diaper that can hold a ton of pee. I'm getting tired of washing sheets every single morning. Thanks ladies,
Quote: Originally Posted by nabigus yup, another vote for the Green Toys. Their whole cooking set is also awesome. Ds loves his tea set. We have this tea set also, it is awesome!! My girls love it.
I am going through the same thing right now. My DD wants to nurse all of the time. She doesn't nurse at night though, but during the day she wants it all of the time. To the point of making me sore and bleed. I am like you, just need reassurance that this too shall pass.
I just received my first order from Bum Wrap (Michele). I ordered dyed IPF's on a Tuesday evening and received them on Saturday. She even threw in an extra IPF to make my order a bakers dozen. She has great customer service and fast shipping.......I will be ordering from her again in the near future.
This is great to hear because I just bought this for my dd who has a rash, that I am thinking she got from detergent buildup. I am on cycle number 3 of stripping her diapers.
I have mostly Loveybums Jersey Wool covers, they are great. I have about 9 wool covers, but I haven't had to wash any of them because of poop on the covers. We haven't had any blowouts yet. She is only 18 days old. I also have one lonely Kiwi Pie and that is an awesome cover too.
My favorite are NB Mutts and Loveybums. I have had no problems with blowouts or leaks and they fit my 10lb 9 1/2oz girl great with room to grow.
I selected "other" because my little girl is only 10 days old. We are loving CD'ing!
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