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I'm in the same situation as you are lizzylou.  My  twin boys, born at 32 weeks, are almost 6 lbs after 2.5 weeks in the NICU and they are doing wonderful except for the eating thing.  It is very frustrating.  I'm going to try what everyone suggests here.  Let me know if something works for you and I'll do the same!  Good luck mama.
I think you are all in a good place!  My boys were born at 32 weeks and were both over 5lbs and even though they have a NICU stay ahead of them they are really healthy and thriving!  It is more a "wait and grow" thing than a sick baby thing, you know?  I'm praying you all hold out as long as possible and here's to HUGE babies!!!
The babies were born Feb 28 at 5:11 and 5:19 respectively. Asher was born first and weighed 5lbs 1.5oz and Boston weighed 5lbs even. My labor was crazy! I'll do a birth story later but I was lucky enough to have them both vaginally. Boston was intubated over night and they were both on CPAP yesterday morning but by this evening they are both breathing on their own and doing well! There is definitely some jaundice and they've started bililights. We got to hold both of...
Well, I'm still pregnant at 32 weeks 3 days - so that is good!  32 weeks is miles better than 30.   I'm not on anything (IV) but I am on insulin for my GD now.  Ugh.  Other than that I'm healthy and the boys look great too.  It is just a wait and wait and wait situation.  My blood pressure is high but not danger zone high.  I have times when I have 10 contractions an hour and then I'll go several hours without any.   Emotionally, this is SO HARD.  I'm bored!  And...
It definitely depends on where you are too.  I'm in Ohio where MW are very restricted to working under and OB.  Last pregnancy I had to fight to stay with the MW due to GD - controlled with diet.  IVF did not make me high risk AFTER 10 weeks.  I was only monitored more closely while I was on the progesterone and then I was "released" to the midwives.   This pregnancy I'm AMA (funny story- I said "my embryos are from when I was 32, so I'm not AMA" the answer? "AMA for...
Thanks so much for all the thoughts and prayers!  They mean so much.   So, I have pre-eclampsia - my protein was 820 on a 24 hour collection and 300 is considered pre-e.  However, I'm not swelling and my bp is staying for the most part under 140/100 while on mag.  They stopped the mag this morning since I've had both steroid shots for the babies.  My blood glucose is high (I have GD) due to the steroids as well.  Magnesium is no fun at all but I'm happy to have those...
I know it can be done I'm just less excited about the investment for diapers that fit for such a short time.  I'm using FB one size and when you look at the lifelong savings it is amazing!  I am planning to do PF/covers at first because I don't want to do sposies and I'm guessing my babies will be smaller for longer (twins).  If it were my DD I'd do sposies for the few weeks it took her to fit into the FB just to save the money!
Agree.  Only replace "emigrate" with "vomit shards of glass". 
Dear Babies,   I know it is cramped in there but could you please NOT coordinate your kicks so that I simultaneously get it in the cervix AND the ribs?    kthxbi
I'm also miserable sleeping on my sides.  I get shoulder and hip pain.  I also wake up on my back but I really feel that if being on my back was dangerous my body would tell me - I mean that might be why you wake up - your body is hinting that you need to roll.  So I don't know how to be comfortable but I think you can relax a little about waking on your back!
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