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My husband is a movie buff so we watched movies (well, he did).  I think ghostbusters was playing when pushing began when someone had the forsight to turn it off!  lol   I love Canon with ocean sounds.  So relaxing.
What month should I put you in?   I'm 27 weeks and still throwing up!  Only once or twice a week which is a great improvement but I still keep waiting for it to stop.  :(   I have my 1 hour glucose test tomorrow.  Crossing fingers that I pass just so I don't have to have that argument with my OB.   How is everyone else?
I need guided meditation.  My mind wanders too much when I try to guide myself.   I definitely prefer Belleruth Naperstak's guided meditations to Hypnobabies (I did her Infertility ones as well through IVF).  I like the Hypnobabies affirmations because they are specifically for twins which is nice.  I think the hypnosis track has too much "intro" (explaining hypnosis) and I don't like the music.  Belleruth has the most amazing, soothing voice and the music is nice. ...
I of course lost all the emoticons showing sex!  I'll update those as soon as I can.
  I just noticed that Adorkable had her babies!  Congrats to her!  I hope no one minds if I take a stab at being our PwMC updater for a month?   Pregnant with Multiples Chat Here is list of all our growing and born multiples, and of course we invite all the BTDT moms to chime in whenever they fell like being helpful!  Most of us chat in our various DDCs, but this thread gives a chance to band together in the special ins and outs of growing more than...
I'm doing meditation with essential oils so the scent will trigger my relaxation.  Worked really well with DD.   I've never heard of amber in labor but I'm a huge fan of the necklaces for babies.  My DD has had hers on since day one.  We have two for these babies already.  Maybe I'll wear them on my wrist during labor?  I figure at a minimum the are a good talisman.
I'm so happy for you Nanette!   I had to postpone my appt. because I've had a horrible cold this week.  Didn't want anyone to think it was a bad test or anything.  I"ll go next wednesday.
Can I just say this made me see red!  In the %$#D% NICU????  /facepalm
Hi MamaChef.  I love your approach (and I'm sorry for you past traumas).  Connecting to my pregnancy and my babies spiritually is very important to me as well.  I would LOVE to go to Hawaii with you and visit those rocks!  What a beautiful tradition.   I meditate daily using various pregnancy meditations (I got the twin tracks from Hypnobabies although I'm not doing the complete hypnobabies) and I love pregnancy meditations from Belleruth Naperstak.  Although these...
Ditto.  Finally getting pregnant with IVF after 10 years of infertility there is no way I could have relaxed enough to enjoy it anyways.  Now I'm in my 2nd trimester with my 2nd kid(s) and greatly enjoying pregnancy sex!  :)  I think it is about your level of comfort.  My Dh was a trooper!
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