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Nanette - Ugh!!!  I hate the idea that birth is stressful for babies and a C-section is somehow in the best interest.  There is a lot that benefits the baby from the work of being born.  I know, I know - preaching to the choir!   My u/s was good -  Baby A (Asher) is still breech and waaaay down in my pelvis.  He weighs 1lb4oz.  Baby B (Boston) is moving around so much!  He started vertex and within 10 minutes was breech!  He is 1lb5oz.  I've also seen so much penis...
Oh thanks so much for the replies!  I have to believe that all I can do is eat right and take care of myself.  I'm trying to be zen about it and hearing your experiences really helps a lot thanks!
I saw this and posted on FB so hopefully all my friends will have a clue!  I wish they'd make one just for infertility.   Nanette - Baby A is always breech and Baby B is always transverse or breech.  I'm totally not worrying about it until much later.  My DD was breech through 33 weeks and then was vertex.  That being said, I don't think it is too early to do some spinning babies!
Has no one had this experience?
I'm so glad you are getting a second opinion!  See if you can find a holistic dentist: http://www.greenpeople.org/HolisticDentistry.html
I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this!  You are in my prayers!
babygrey - I love Vale!  Don't let a stranger's comment deter you if it *feels* right in your heart.  I like your other names too but you seem to have a sixth sense about Vale so I'd hate to see you back off.  I love Eden and Vale - they kind of go together to me.  Both a valley and eden are beautiful, secure places.   OMG Nannette!!!  Boys!!!  That is so exciting!  I wonder if I have your girl?  We can never see Asher's boy bits although the pics of Boston's are so...
I'll be 22 weeks on Tuesday.  I am currently 1 lb under prepregnancy weight.  I was rather sick there for a while but I've been sick only 2-3 times a week for a month now.  My provider says not to worry because there is not protein in my urine (implying the babies are burning my fat).   I am overweight to begin with and I gained zero weight with DD as well.  I would NEVER try to lose weight.  I'm eating lots of protein and fat and trying to hit 3000 calories a day. ...
I'm not positive of course, but it feels very supportive.  The bigger I get the more it lifts (because it is "catching" more belly under it?).   And Adorkable asked about the shoulders.  I find it actually improves my posture.  I want to slouch because I feel so heavy but this keeps my shoulders back (it might not "keep" them back but just remind me to?)
I can not believe the cost of those!  I'm not spending that much on everything I'm buying combined.  That's just totally out of my price range (although I'll look for used).  We plan to get the Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller which is $160.  We are already working on DD walking with us (she'll be 25 months when the twins come).   We may get a Buggy Board for her but I'm not positive it fits yet (it does fit Gracos).  
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