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I LOVE belly dancing!  I have the Goddess Workout series and it is awesome.  Fun and fitness at the same time.  I can't do it now with my SPD but I think it would be a great pregnancy workout because it strengthens back and abdominal muscles.  Plus it is just so GIRL POWER.
Are you delivering in the same place?  My birth center had a spotlight in the ceiling but it didn't brighten the room up at all because it was so focused "down there" and was quite small.  The room was still nicely dim and calm.  I caught her and brought her to my chest which is when she first opened her eyes.  I guess the light would be bad if she opened her eyes before the shoulders were born but I don't think that is common.
I  had a wonderful natural birth experience with DD.  This time, with twins, I don't have many requests during labor.  Most of my issues are with newborn care.  Here's my birth plan so far.  I would LOVE any comments!     Labor I prefer to have all procedures, no matter how routine, discussed with me prior to administration. Minimal internal exams.   Birth Assuming the babies are healthy; Dimmed lights Pushing with little guidance (I will...
Wrong.  Doctors are idiots, IMO (ok, just most).  They learn how to treat DISEASE with PHARMACEUTICALS.  That's it.  I felt the twins at 10 weeks.  I trust a woman's intuition over an allopathic doctor any day of the week.
Even if they haven't violated PDA you can be covered under the ADA (American's with Disabilities Act).  If they would alter job tasks for someone on crutches then they have to do so for you.  If they would give someone one day off a week for chemo then they have to do so for you.  I'm currently working from home with SPD and I had to envoke ADA instead of PDA to get it.  Of course I'm so demoralized by the way I've been treated I'd rather die than go back and work for...
I think they tell you that just so you can visualize the baby's position.  I always ask for details about where the baby is - breech, which way is he facing? etc. 
My daughter isn't quite 2 yet so this is probably different but we watch the Dora episode where she's having twin brothers on the way and talk about it.  She kisses my belly and says "babies?" but I'm not sure she gets it.  We are also getting her a doll and doll things (like a moby wrap, kid sized) so she can emulate what we do with the babies when they come.   Just remind yourself that even if it is hard on him at first - having siblings is such a blessing and...
We've purchased matching "first outfits" for the boys.  Besides that and the occasional photo op I wouldn't dress them the same in day to day life.
I have the prenatal cradle and it is great.  Since it goes over your shoulders like a "belly bra" it really lifts some of the pressure off the pelvis and the killer SPD.
I have a prenatal cradle and it is wonderful (but horribly ugly).  I'm trying not to use it too much since I read it can weaken your abdominal muscles and I figure I'll need it more and more.  It really lifts the uterus off of my pubic bone which is already in a constant state of pain with the SPD.    Regarding vitamin K - I know I don't want a healthy, full-term baby to have it in any form (I just don't think God/nature was like "whoops" forgot that vitamin K!) but...
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