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This "unpredictable" thing scares me because it writes them a blank check against law suits.  Too vague for me.
I agree that infertility can be a lonely illness!  I think it is so important to talk about it openly. :)
Hi elf!  Sorry you're feeling so crappy.  I can relate to kind of dropping out of life due to feeling bad.  I've left so many things up in the air lately.   I also have menstrual like cramps and pressure.  Particularly when I sit on the toilet I feel like I'm going to give birth.  And I haven't felt any BH yet just mild cramps low in my uterus.  My OB also says it is normal with multiples and my cervix u/s are all good.    I gotta tell you all - I feel 30 weeks...
That is so wonderful!  Welcome boys!
Can you update the list for me?  I'm having BOYS!   I'm glad your BP is so good Adorkable!  Mine gets so high sometimes because of stress so the meditation is helping me.  I'm doing the Hypnobabies Twins meditation (I don't have the complete course) and other pregnancy meditations (where I substitute "babies" when they say "baby"!)
and we probably have less time with twins!    It seems like yesterday I was thinking "well, one IVF miracle is all I can expect there is NO WAY the FET will work too!"  and now look at me!
They might just be trending.  Aparently "Asher" is the next big thing (as well as "Isla" which was our girl choice).  I don't like common names but every time I say Asher people have me repeat it so it isn't common where I'm living.  I'm guessing if it is the next big thing it will start on the coasts in the big cities and slowly move to the midwest.  So I have time!   I think naming is a heart thing so follow yours.  Also, there are alternatives with the nn Finn -...
I see a perinatologist (it seems the preferred term these days is Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist) and I do like it.  I get an u/s every time I go because I had a cervical biopsy so I have an increased risk of cervical incompetnece.  But even though they only need to check cervical length they give me a good look at the babies too.  I don't think they'll do it that often if you don't want (but I'm like you u/s is like the air I breathe).  I haven't had a single pelvic...
could you update me to babies #2 AND #3 - boys!
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