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I'm doing something very similar with my girls, at home.  It's working really well for them, and for me, I'm having a blast.  My two worlds have collided, home and work!   I have a blog, mostly pictures, about my Montessori house.  There are a ton of great blogs out there, most are listed on the bottom leftside of my blog.    www.educationofours.blogspot.com
I'm a fan of Alfie Kohn, google it.  Many many wonderful, praise/bribery free parenting and teaching tips.  My children get nothing for being 'good', it's just part of being a family- we all act within what is expected.  It works!
Funny, I'm  posting here.  5 minutes after joining in on the 'easy' child thread.  My girls are complicated, even for twins.  One of my girls is spirited.  I swear the book Olivia is about her!!!  She really wears me out, and I spend my day with 3-6 year olds!!
This is my oldest.  I fear she may become overlooked :(  Easy peasy!    What can we do to make them counted?  Hmm...
37w 6 d
She's currently the AMS Living Legend.  You may still get the chance, Matt.  Well, geography may make that tough ;)
Isn't see amazing?  I saw her at the Boston AMS conference.  I left the conference crying in awe.  I love her :) 
I can't stop thinking about this.  I hope they figure out the issue soon, for the sake of the children.  I hope materials didn't get ruined somehow.    My advice is to count things in everyday life, how many crackers in a sleeve?  How old will you be in two years?  Work with a chalkboard and number writing is good for keeping up with printing or numeration.  I feel terrible for you, that you have to even consider these things.  Keep working on 1-10 work, the basis...
I work in Providence, and I can say that it is very friendly to babywearers.  I keep coming across more wonderful people, each day.  I teach there at an independent school, I'll send you a message :)    Welcome to the area! 
This all sounds odd.  Not knowing the story, I wonder mostly why there is a 'math teacher'.  It should all be there, at the same time.    Sometimes writing comes after the work with the materials, and that's okay/normal.  Cognition in the concrete comes before writing the abstract.   Best of luck.
New Posts  All Forums: