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I have always heard it as 3) how cmu said. Love the name actually
Thanks we are home now! He has been a trooper nursing well. The hospital was so full of birthing ladies that we couldnt have gotten a postpartum room even if we had wanted to stay! Which is fine because we just wanted out. They let us leave after 5 hours against their regular policy because they were so happy to get a room freed up Pictures tomorrow - his first name is likely going to be Jakob but we are still trying to sort out middle names
9 lb 4 oz baby boy born 6:59pm tonight. Natural vaginal birth after less than 3 hours labor! Pictures and name and story to follow
Hope all goes smoothly for you and cant wait to hear about your birth!!
Congratulations, she is beautiful! Glad that birth went well and that she has avoided a nicu stay. I am sorry about your lost homebirth but glad everything has worked out okay!
That's wonderful aoifesmiles! Happy and healthy nine months to you!
*sigh* Unfortunately my silence is actually just me pouting that this baby is not following my schedule as nicely as DS did. Makes me think this one might be a girl and she's already stubborn!! I've had some good runs of early labour since Saturday but nothing that lasted. I did have a bunch of strong and regular contractions while out walking at the zoo today and then again while grocery shopping. Coupled with my insides deciding to empty themselves a few times so far...
CDsMom - thats an awesome BP number!! Congrats!
Hi! Due 9/6 with child #2. My DS is 25 months.
Congrats vc! CDsMom - I agree with pp that sounds like what i call cervical punches. It is one of the most awful feelings! And it also makes me feel like my bladder is going to burst. I swear baby decides to punch my crotch and bladder simultaneously. Drives me nutso!
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