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DH, DS and I went for cajun food last night and I ended up with more food on myself than my toddler did. And its not because he has suddenly become a neat eater. By the time I dropped banana foster cheesecake down my boobs even DH couldnt keep a straight face. Sigh.
chispita - Yes, what aidenn said I think with DS i never even once made it through the Hypnobabies tracks without falling asleep. I definitely think they still helped me with labour and delivery though as I had a relatively easy and pain free and relaxed birth. This time Im trying to get through a few of them without sleeping but so far ive only gotten through one. But either way I think they help! Even if all they do is help me sleep, still totally worth it
filamentary - Excellent post! That post needs to be put at the beginning of every circumcision discussion My DS is not circed and if the new baby we expect in the next few weeks turns out to be a boy, he will not be circed either. My DH is circed and he is vocal about how much it bothers him that it was done to him without his consent. I have always found it very interesting that he blames his mother for allowing it, not his father. It is one thing that he is adamant he...
Congrats on getting to use the birth center! Ive been having every symptom you just mentioned for the last few days now. Oh, and apparently I jinxed myself at my doctor appointment yesterday by mentioning that i hadnt had any swelling yet. Last night my hands and feet went POOF and now i feel like a swollen lump! Hoping this all means that baby is getting ready to arrive. 9 days until I start 'encouraging' labour
I forgot my bank card at three different stores yesterday And then forgot DS's shoes at daycare. Sigh.
Im about 3 hours northwest of Regina - not too far from Saskatoon
Finally had a decent night sleep last night due to Hypnobabies. I finally got the audio tracks back on my phone, put headphones on, started the first track and slept like a log. First time in weeks ican actually say I got a good sleep!
Congratulations!!!! He is precious! Im glad thinggs went smoothly and sounds like he is doing amazing for 36w. Hopefully he figures out the nursing thing quick and you guys will be home before you know it!
serena - so sorry they couldnt get baby turned for you! I hope she turns on her own and if not that you have a perfect csection with an easy recovery.
Jennyanydots - I agree, I think that was very well worded. I hope they address your concerns properly and you can come to a happy arrangement!
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