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If I get into the SPA1 class, I may take you up on that offer. I'm quite nervous about the vocab because I'm a miserable speller.
Personally, I cannot handle five classes at a time, I don't get the "only"!! Five classes is terrific.
Mine : is still not established. I have Chem @9, 10 and 11 open, I'm either taking Spanish or Animal Histology (class may be cancelled.) Lifespan Physch. at 12 and A and P II at 1. I have a and p lab on Tuesdays. The good thing about this schedule is I have no labs or classes that take place after my children come home from school. I have 2 DS's in football and one who is just starting middle school, so I think being there when they're out is a very good thing this...
I think we need to be careful to understand that there are times when one of us feels a conviction to, say, live in a troubled area to bring light to that place or to understand the injustice that fuels violence. We can honor that person without feeling insulted or judged because it isn't what is speaking to our own hearts. I have no leading to live in the ghetto, but I honor her choice to be in that place.
Oldermama44, I find your posts initially hard to read but, when I press on, I find you completely fascinating and I'm honored to have met you.
I'm sorry, I was talking about more than just this thread. I don't know how much I'm supposed to look at the big picture-vs-specific threads. I said I thought both parents would likely benefit from some outside help here, I am supportive of mamalita and acknowledge as she has that she isn't perfect, either. Shoving a child isn't acceptable in any case. And, trust me, I've been in that frustrating place with an especially challenging child. There has been some...
Funny, I was meditating on coveting today, what it is and why its so wrong. I am not coveting anything that belongs to someone else, I rarely do, but I've seen it as destructive. One element of it is thinking you are somehow not worthy because you don't have something. I'm really starting to think, for humans, not like animals, there is no fierce competition with others for scarce resources, we're all G-d's children and we all deserve to be blessed, not one at the...
I manifest many of the Indigo qualities, the majority, but I'm born in 1960, were there early Indigos? There were no other children like me when I was growing up. My daughter is almost every crystal quality. Right down to her interest in rocks and crystals and the singing, sweet singing and she came to me before she was conceived. She has beautiful almond shaped eyes.
I agree that it would be healthy for the entire family to get help. It also continues to astonish me that there are women here at MDC who will embrace so many manifestations of men behaving badly.
Is there any way for the tuition check to clear before you tell him? : Seriously, you've been together for 6 years, you're 23 years old, you will have *graduated* before the baby arrives, it isn't that bad. I know, you know, he knows you have been taught (I presume,) not to have sex until you're married, but I think it won't be as bad as you might imagine.
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