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Michelle, I really agree about younger children being able to be happy poor when it's more of a challenge when you have middle school and high school students. We've recently become quite middle class after many years of borderline poverty and, let me assure all, it's much more challenging to financially satisfy a teenager. la mamita, I'm going to learn Spanish, I wish I had you around as a helpful friend!!
I'm pretty sure I'm the type that has a layer to protect herself because of some past experiences.
Although I'm old for it, I'm very Indigoish, but I'm also changing, I'm becoming more introverted and don't want to have a debate with people.
Our neighborhood isn't as nice as I'd like, but it's pretty safe and not really bad, just not as nice as I'd like. I have chosen to live here because it's in a very good school district.
If you're going to rip into her, use I comments. I am overwhelmed, even I think *you* should walk a mile in *my* shoes before you judge.
WRT yellow jackets, I'm afraid of them as well. They start getting bad around here right about now. I think they go away after the first hard freeze or at least they aren't around when it's in the 40's and 50's.
This time in your life is not a coincidence (sp)
I used to hate summer and love the fall. We got central ac, and I now love all four seasons. I think what I love is the change of seasons and seeing the wheel of the year turning. I love the passing of time that way and every one is precious. About Autumn, I love the coolness of the air on my skin. I love shool and learning. I love seeing my children off to school and love welcoming them back home as well. I love the quiet when they're gone and the energy and din...
There was a family on the news, they had the sweetest story. The couple adopted a set of Russian twins as babies and discovered they had older siblings in orphanages. Two more sets of twins!!! This lovely couple adopted both sets of twins for a grand total of six children, all twins. *That* large family is certainly the kind that should have community fundraisers, not the family, like mine, that just has their own biokids one at a time :
I have older children as well and think my youngest is crystalish. She's older than most, so she may not be purely crystal. She came to me in a vision before she was conceived. She is very peaceful and loving and gets along with everyone and everyone is enchanted with her. She loves animals and the natural world, but she also loves people, but can become a bit overwhelmed by negative or overbearing people. She knows how to manipulate people in a positive way. For...
New Posts  All Forums: