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Oh, you're in Bethleham. My daughter just did a rotation at St. Luke's.
Oh, I hope you win your case (I think I remember reading your story and the GP's are dreadful.) Perhaps you can sue your parents for the money to defend yourself against them once you win your case.
I'm thinking you could convey intention without revealing your sources, so to speak. You could relate your dreams to your mom because they are, after all, dreams. And you could tell your mom things without citing the source, so to speak.
About 10. I thought you needed a sample size of at least 30 in order to assure that it represented an accurate cross section of the population. Now, it's 25?
BK, student (I was very young) Now, Student (Biology major) Future, DO, PA, or CNM
I always feel as though I was fortunate to be able to stay with my children through their preschool years and, to be frank, I could still stay with them and homeschool them if I chose to homeschool. I also realize that our family made a lot of sacrifices to enable us to be fortunate enough to have me stay with the children. The "at home," think bothers me because I spent years stuck in the house and that almost drove me insane, as soon as I had the opportuity, the...
Kaitnbug, She reminds me of a puppy mill (some big shaggy breed,) and he reminds me of a hawker at a freak show (not that I've ever actually been to a freak show.)
As with so many other things, children helping out needs to be balanced. I think the Duggars, for example, give their older children (particularly the girls,) way too much responsibility. A 10 year old should not be a sibling's "buddy." Neither should a 18 year old, for that matter. (for those who don't know, the Duggars assign a buddy to a child when the child is weaned at approx. 5 or 6 months old, the buddy feeds, bathes, dresses, entertains, prays-for and tucks-in,...
Yes, any system that has similar standards for men I think modesty, in general, is a social construct.
I tend to be more sympathetic toward the majority here, being on the largr size, but I think you're all being a bit hard on Frenchie. Her dh couldn't help how he felt about the nursing mom in the booth. He didn't say or do anything to offend her. He had a negative gut reaction and had the decency to control that because it would be unfair to offend this lovely nursing mother. I believe larger women with larger breasts do tend to get a more negative reaction because...
New Posts  All Forums: