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My kids think he's the guy from Coldplay
Tracy, how do you manifest more time? I'm intrigued.
I'm still trying to reconcile these things, but does anyone else feel surprised when this works? My computer wasn't navigating properly, especially on one webpage. I was getting a tad frustrated and I remembered this thread and I told it to go to where I wanted to be and I said, "go," and that very second, it went. And that sort of startled me, like, "Gee, this really works!!"
Tracy and everyone, I keep not ordering The Secret because I'm worried its going to go against my beliefs as a Christian. I know this is likely silly, so would someone reassure me that I'm not going to violate any Christian principles by ordering and seeing this dvd. Thanks so much (in advance because I know one or more of you will be there for me.)
Midwife? In those days there were more midwives around than gynies.
I don't mind driving, but, then again, I'm the person doing 80 on the AC expressway.
A lot of the stuff is sort of within my grasp. Sort of frustrating, but also really cool and energizing.
Why is House hot? But he *is*, he's hotter than McDreamy any day. Why, oh why?
I'm really surprised this thread has been allowd to get to six pages. At the risk of putting everyone's panties in a wad, is there a happy androgenous slingie and diaper-baby? I mean a nice tiedied rainbow diaper or sling with a nice joyfully anrogenous parent?
Right, 9/11 didn't *cause* the crash, I think because it was such a horrible and memorable event, we associate the two. Hey, is anyone else thinking this thread is making them feel like an old person. (old person voice) I remember back in the day when we had the crash.....(Think Homer Simpson's Dad's voice )
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