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We have a large family and we have people over a lot, if I didn't have the ice maker, I'd by buying a bag of ice every other day. Literally.
Welcome!! It's so exciting to have moms from China. I googled Chongqing, and it's a beautiful city. Your English is good, too. I'm glad your daughter is bringing you so much happiness. I think it's fantastic that being moms can bring so many women together. I hope you enjoy our community.
Why are emasculate and effeminate the same thing?
I have a basic Kenmore, but it is my first Energy Star. Please, please, please, consider getting an Energy Star appliance. Every little move like this will decrease the problem of global warming. It's little actions like buying the most energy efficient appliance you can afford. Off my soapbox.
My story is similar very VERY similar to Shannons. When my baby started Kindergarten (half-day,) I took *one* University class, in the Spring semester, I took two. I took seven CLEPS and in the spring, I applied to be a full time student and am presently a Biology major. I have loved being a SAHM for my eight children, but, in the end, I don't have anything I could call my own, my identity was too strongly associated with being a full time mom. I want to be a...
I just did a purge of nice clothes I don't wear (like my Mother-of-the-bride dress that was actually very nice but too formal for me to wear again,) I donated the stuff and found what are my favorite pair of shorts at the Old Navy for $10.
Right now, I'm in love with mamajama.
Oh, the ramen recipe was my poor starving staple.
Ramen noodle +carrots-peas-celery+eggs=egg drop soup.
Tamera, I still cannot believe someone gave you an Andrea Yates comment. I would have told them to F-off then get mad at myself for not using a more pithy and creative response. You know, I can't even think of a come back because that's so nasty.
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