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Yep was told today that they do not have a backup OB so unless you transfer earlier on they will be sending you to Shands. Shands has the lowest c-section rate and the on-call doctors know the practice and will be prepared for a natural minded mom if it happens to you. Hoping the best and just won't plan to transfer but at least I know now.
Yes that makes me a little scared too. I have premature water breakage before and FL requires active labor or hospital within 12hrs. I'm hoping to avoid being transferred! I am going to A Place for Women for a US next week (sent by FV). I'm going to ask ahead of time if there is anything I can do to have a backup OB jik or if they will have on by August.
Thanks!! I started at N FL OBGYN with my last pregnancy but switched early on because the place I ended up calling didn't deliver at Baptist South (they are huge and have offices everywhere which I didn't realize). We've decided to go with Fruitful Vine midwifery services and deliver at their birth center. I'm hoping insurance gets worked out so we can continue there but I should know shortly. otherwise I'll be back looking for a good midwife at a OB practice.
I'm looking for an OB practice that has midwives on staff and delivers at Baptist South. With my last son I went this route but our practice has since lost all 3 midwives and service has fallen downhill. Anyone have any recommendations?   Thanks
CC_mama I'm also due Aug 31. You should be 6w5d today not 6w6d so that's a day less than you thought too so baby isn't measuring quite as far off. Stay positive and hope baby catches up. I've been in your shoes and it's scary. I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you.   I'm new to this thread. I'm due Aug 31 and have had 2 US already due to history of MC's. I have one son and have had two MC's this year. In fact I got pregnant same cycle last year. I'm hoping this...
I love the elf on a shelf idea but was hesitant to shell out 30 dollars for one. Instead I made ours! It's adorable. I even entered him in a contest at our local independent small business toy store. We're in second place right now. If you're on facebook could you "like" our picture and help us win 100 gift card? Don't like all the other elf pictures or you'll be voting for them too! THANKS!!! http://tinyurl.com/84kxakz Please "like" our homemade elf on a shelf and...
I have an Omega (around 250 dollars). I really love it but don't use it as much as I should. I can't quite stomach the taste of too many greens as I'd like to. I've tried googling healthy toddler recipes to get my son drinking more fresh juices but no luck.
Ugh saw HB last week Monday. Had a few drops of brown tinged CM so went in Thursday and baby no longer had a HB. Spotted about a quarter sized amount of brown since then and nothing else yet. Go in Thursday doe D and E. It's really sucky having two mc's in a row and this time we got far enough to see the HB.
Yesterday I was 7w0d (lmp) and if you go by O date I was 6w5d and baby measured at 5w6d based on crown to rump length. I saw a Hb though and US machines are really only accurate to about 4 days so I'm trying not to worry. As the doc did the measurement he didn't even zoom in (like last tech did) and he was very quick. Even just measuring baby as slightly bigger would have moved us forward so it could be off for no good reason. Plus, everything can develop slightly...
It's totally normal to only see the HB at first and not measure it. We only saw mine and couldn't measure it yet either. That is what happens when you catch it with a few days of just starting to beat.
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