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So sorry alittlesandy =(
I had my first appt and U/S yesterday. My LMP was 5/2 putting edd at 2/6 but I know I O'd a minimum of two days later than CD14 so real edd would be more like 2/8 or 2/9. Baby was present and we saw a heartbeat but didn't yet hear it. Baby measure more like a edd of 2/14. I'm a little concerned about that but the doctor did the U/S and literally only took about one minute all together to do it. Also when he did the measurement, it was super fast and didn't seem to be...
I went in today thinking I was 7w0d (LMP) and baby measured at 5w6d or 6w0d. I expected it to be 2 days off as I O late but it's even more. I was happy to see a heartbeat and know those machines are off by +-4 days in the early weeks and even more later on. I'm sure everything is fine. Don't stress!!
Before I even got my BFP my son was trying to nurse all night. He calmed for a week or two but started in again. My bb's feel empty all the time now so I'm pretty sure there isn't much left. I'm still nursing him on demand for now but if it gets excessive (more than 3 at night and 3 in the day) I distract him and avoid it. He is 19mo but doesn't take other milk.
I'm watching a 8 month old and my own 19mo old is in the house. I will only have the baby through August but these first few months are what have me worried. Not feeling up to par with an extra child! Right now though i carry both kids at once and it's doable. I +++wear one and hold the other on the side until we get to a shopping cart and such.
My son has been pulling off and asking to switch sides which is normally what he does when supply is an issue. He then isn't satisfied by the other side either. I don't think it's supply yet though I think it tastes different and he is looking for the normal stuff. Poor kiddo. I'm a little more sensitive but not at all painful yet at 6w1d.
I posted once already in regards to my dec09/Jan10 pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage. I'm pregnant again (due 2/6/2012) so here goes!!   How old is/was your nursling when you got a BFP? 18 months, (had m/c when he was 14mo). i got AF back at 9wks even though we nurse on demand and he never ever took a bottle.   How often were you nursing when you conceived and implanted? 3-4 times a day and 3-4 times at night. Once I found out i did start to...
Thanks! Makes me feel better.   I just got my second set of betas back and it went from 2.188 at 20dpo to 3,305 at 22dpo. That's a doubling time of 80hrs. I thought 48hrs was best but upon reading more it looks like after a level of 1,200 rates doubling slow to 72-96hrs on average. Did anyone else's not double at 48hrs once they got to this level??
* EDD: February 6th * Age: 28 now, 29 then * Location: Florida * How long it took to you to get your BFP: miscarriage in Jan after ~5mo NTNP'ing * What number child is this for you: Number Two (one DS 19mo) * Birth plans/preferences: hospital natural birth * Anything else you'd like to share: Still breastfeeding my son and hope to continue and tandem nurse.
Who has gotten them?   I had them done Monday at 21dpo and they came back 2,188 hCg and 22 progesterone. I got my second draw today but no results yet of course.   I'm a little worried about the progesterone but the nurse wasn't. I see the doc on Tuesday and hope I'm okay until then. Does that sounds low?? I'm still breastfeeding.
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