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I haven't posted in a while as I was recovering from my m/c in January and just waiting out that following cycle. I'm back now! I have a question though. Have any of you nursing who've had BFP's then miscarried gone on progesterone? Was it doctor prescribed? My doctor won't even discuss the option and wouldn't test me when I was m/c'ing so I have no idea if it could help. I'm trying to consider all of my options as I don't want to go through that again.   Thanks!
So sorry ms-quoted and zwitterion. Such a crappy start to the year!!    Does anyone have any research or can you point me in the right direction for info on when to try again after a m/c? My doc was no help and just asked if I wanted BC which is pretty insensitive when I'm there because I just lost my baby! It's a week since bleeding started and it's is really light now so I'm wondering if I'll O again in 7-10 days or not.
Sorry Sarah! It really sucks. My betas are holding steady at ~75 so Docs are discussing how to proceed. Possible ectopic and possible D and C. I'm really not thrilled with anything they've done so far (which is basically nothing). I'm not getting a D and C without some sort of exam and reasoning! Is your milk supply being affected? I haven't seen much change yet but I'm hoping it stays normal for DS!!
I'm back. I started spotting yesterday evening and a few hours later the flow was much heavier. I had betas drawn today but there is no way the baby is okay. =(   Has anyone who this has happened to had issue with their milk supply after a m/c?
  Yes they do!! I got a bill seperete form the hospital for a syphilis test. I was kinda pised. I never agreed to it or even knew they were doing it.  
So I am pretty sure I got a positive test this morning. If everything is true I'll have an EDD of Sept. 1st. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/57387240@N03/5286181056/) I'm keeping it for a Christmas surprise but obsessing already.   I am still nursing my 14mo son numerous times a day. He nurse 3-4 times during the day and 2-3 at night. He hasn't had any milk yet besides mine and basically plays with anything in a sippy cup. Can anyone direct me towards resources on...
Thanks for letting me know guys. i fixed it I believe. Here is the link again.   http://www.flickr.com/photos/57387240@N03/5286181056/
I'm 11 or 12 dpo today and I think this might be it. I'm saving a FRER for tomorrow...oh who am I kidding maybe tonight lol.   This is a second or third MU (morning urine) with a 3-4hr hold. Do you see it or am I crazy? I had something on the first test this morning so I retook one trying to rule out evap.   http://www.flickr.com/photos/57387240@N03/5286181056/
I haven't checked in for a while. GL to everyone!!!   AFM I'm 10 days past my possible O (positive OPK the day before) and 11 days after we last dtd. I'm doubtful of anything since the timing wasn't great with hubbies work and we didn't get in a ton of BD'ing. I think I'll test on Thursday.
I just thought I'd check in. I'm still waiting to O here. I'm CD12 and have been O'ing on CD18 but had one early cycle at CD14.  I'm hoping I'm not early this month or else I'm out for sure. No possibility of BDing until CD16 or 17 here.
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