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I'm back to waiting to O. Thanks!
Yes you can get a positive OPK and not actually O. Your body can gear up to O then not go through with it.   The good news is since your period took so long to come back it's more likely that your early cycles will be ovulatory than someone who got it back right away. I got it at 9w pp and have had AFever since with nursing too. My first cycles were likely anovulatory but i wasn't charting or anything. Have you joined the nursing and TTC thread? GOOD LUCK!!
Well I dipped yesterday then recovered today. I'm 10dpo and was going to test if temps went back up but...the tests I thought I had ended up being OPKs which would have come in handy a few weeks ago! If I store my FMU and go get a few tests how long is the FMU okay for? Otherwise I'll just wait until tomorrow and if temps stay up test but if they drop I probably won't.   http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/250614
Katie - How were you taking the vitex? Did you stop after O'ing each cycle or continue? Is it safe to use while nursing? I just picked some up and am researching it before I start it next cycle. Congrats again.
Sarah I have a 10-11 day LP too but every now and again my cycle will go from 28-30 days. I'm 9dpo now and AF is due Tuesday but again it wouldn't be unheard of for AF to hold off until Thursday. I'm going to test first at 10dpo as long as my chart is looking possible. I had a dip today but if temps go back up it could still be okay. With my son I got a negative at 10dpo and positive at 12dpo. Af was due around the time I started testing but I wasn't certain I was late...
The previous posters had great info. Your last test was at 13dpo (going just by CM). It's not unheard of to not yet get your positive then. Especially since it's possible you O'd a day or so later even. With my son my 12dpo test was positive but it was very weird and without the next days positive I would have called it negative. Good luck! Test again!! When is AF due for you?
Katie I see the line (and voted!). I am not one to see lines either so GOOD LUCK!!!!  
mamahen2coop that is not faint! It's blazing. CONGRATS!!   Congrats to the other recent BFPs! You give me hope that one can breastfeed and get pregnant!
    I think I agree with FF on your O date from a temp standpoint but either way CD16 or 17 for sure. I hate OPKS!! They never seem certain to me! GL!! We are at about the same point in our cycle as my O date has been updated recently. I went from 8dpo to 3dpo which makes my temps make a little more sense.  
Hmm..by temps alone I'd say you O'd Friday or Saturday and with a temp or two more FF will give you crosshairs. My first guess would be Friday but then I know if it takes a while for your temps to spike Saturday would be possible. Your OPKs seem to think the same! Good luck!!  
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