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So what cycle day does everyone generally test? I'm not charting as my nursling is up at night but we DTD on CD14 and CD16. EWCM was on CD12-14. I have 3 FRER's and a bunch of dollar store. When should I get started?!?! Today is CD21.
Yes there most definitely is sperm in the pre-ejaculate. Sorry you found out the hard way! Good luck on a safe pregnancy! Miranda
Your temperatures are still looking really good. I would get into your Dr. and get a Beta. I'm not a fan of taking OPK tests as indicator of pregnancy but it's strange that your pg tests were positive and now negative. I'm thinking positive thoughts for you!!! Miranda
When I got pregnant we BD'd on CD17, 18, and 19. I thought I O'd midpoint as I was always a 28 day cycler but FF showed me I was actually later. When I'm getting the chart that shows fertility and EWCM and I keep thinking I'm O'ing I'll BD every day for three days in a row to be sure to catch it. Then we BD once early just in case and once late just in case. During my pregnant cycle it was O on CD18 and BD on CD15, 17, 18, 19, 21. Until the chart confirmed O I wasn't sure...
So I'm stalking the forums during my TWW! I'm not temping as I have a 9mo nursing son who keep son up all night! I've been regular with 28-29 day cycles since 9 weeks postpartum and this cycle we BD on CD14. I don't know when I O'd but I did have EWCM on CD13 and CD14, dry on CD15 and now on CD16 stretchy but white instead of clear. What are my chances of pg not knowing when I O'd and only BD once? I'd love to be pg but can't imagine it this easy and trying not to get...
I'm new here! I have a BF 9.5 month old and have had regular AF since 9weeks post partum. We weren't actively trying and I wasn't charting but we BD on CD 14 (had EWCM CD 13 and CD14). It'd be awesome if that one time was enough but I'm trying not to get my hopes up. What does everyone think, do I have a chance? I'm a 28-29 day cycler usually but haven't temped or anything since I'm up a million times in the night with DS. Here is the chart from my son where I got...
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