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I would love to see articles about incorporating environmental activities into daily homeschooling life. in addition, there would be a benefit to practical life lessons; Business and financial management for young children
Here is a great article about Co-Sleeping.  This is a published article about the benefits of co-sleeping and respiratory issues.  It says that scientifically speaking, we should co-sleep until at least 5 years of age.(it would save lives)   Have a look for yourself...very interesting...     Follow this link -   http://www.naturalchild.org/james_mckenna/cosleeping.pdf
I am sympathetic for your difficult time with an upset child. Every parent has had nights of un-consolable crying yet can't even begin to understand ongoing nights of this. I speak as a chiropractor, who has helped extreme cases of reflux. When everything, (including meds) has failed. A mother patient from last week, following 4 adjustments of her infant, has been getting great sleeps, including one 6 hour sleep and one 8 hour sleep,(after 4.5 months of not...
I am surprised for a Naturally focused website, the amount of people suggesting medications before many other natural remedies or solutions that are out there. For a list of the side effects of this medication have a look here. http://chealth.canoe.ca/drug_info_de...d=38&page_no=2 (NOTE - not to be used for less than 1 years old!!!) - all meds have a toxic effect on the body, simply numbing or blocking the symptoms. I am a wellness focused chiropractor. I...
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