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I need an intact freindly doctor in my area.  Asheboro, NC or Pinehurst, NC   Thanks!
Still looking for suach a book. Did anyone have any luck?  
Looking for a book for my son that talks about growing up. Changes in his body and how to take care of his body. My son is intact so I would like a book that addresses that fact and has correct details on the intact penis. Does anyone have any reccomendations?   Thanks! Beverly  
Maybe has a mother I am over reacting?   Maybe I should chill. I had concerns that I thought I could post.  However I do still worry about the tiny opening and I wonder how in the world he will ever be able to retract. He is 10.   Why does the ped have to check every year? 
I have been worried over my sons foreskin since he was born. It has always been an issue for me. We have had no major problems with his foreskin. A few times it has hurt him to pee, been checked for a UTI (negative). Made sure his pee followed the correct path (cath. with dye) and it was A okay.   Here we sit at age 10. He has been ballooning for years. The opening of his foreskin is smaller than tiny. When he pushes his foreskin back the outer edges of where his...
Thanks for the information. It helps to be reminded about everything that I have read. And to be reminded that these things just dont happen at the same age for every boy.  Thanks again! Beverly
My nine year old son has a tiny forskin opening. It is so small you cant even tell there is a hole there!  THe ped. gave us some steroid ointment and we have used that for about 4 weeks. And everything looks the same. When he pulls back on his forskin he says that it does not hurt but it does sting.   He balloons when he pees and has for a long time. But the opening is barely there. He does pee fine.   I know that he ped. is going to ask about it next time we see...
It is so hard not to worry. I have to remind myself that the body in its natural state is right. And let nature take its course. I will take a deep breath and try. I guess its the unkown, and what if's, of this whole thing that are concerning me. I want him to have a normal functioning penis. And I dont want to do anything that intefers with that.
How would I know if it is BXO?
Oh, I hope everything is okay. The opening is so tiny. And white around the opening when he pulls back on the foreskin, which sort of looks like scar tissue around the rim? I guess I am so worried that something is wrong that I am looking for all bad signs.
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