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I just read about preputial scarring. It sounds just like I described. It actually looks like a scar around the foreskin opeing when he pulls back his foreskin. I am VERY afraid that he does have phismosis. He is 8 how do I know if this will correct on its own...or will it?
I hope it is normal. Although I do want to ask what is "preputial scarring" I noticed that when he pulls back on his foreskin the outer rim of the opening is almost white. Is this a scar or is this skin turning white because it is tight and being pushed back. SO hard not to worry and over think.
You may remember that my 8 year old was having pain while peeing about 2 weeks ago. He now does not complain of that. But I have noticed that his foreskin opening is tiny, about the size of a pen head. I worry that maybe he has or will have phismosis. The ped. said the foreskin opening should be much bigger at this point and said that if steriod cream does not work he will have to be circumcised. I have not tried the steriod creme, I was taking my time and letting...
Thank you all the info and reassurance. This morning he says it still hurts when he pees like it did the first day. This is day 3. He is no longer red. He does say that the tip hurts really bad. I am putting the anitbiotic ointment on it 2x a day. Is there any thing else I should look for or do? How long should he be in pain?
Thanks for the article. It all makes since to me. I just hope it works out that way. How can I find information about how the opening of the foreskin gets larger. I am worried that his opening will always be small, making it impossible for him to retract. Today he says it still stings when he pees, but not as bad. And he is not crying when he pees, which is great. He is still ballooning and the opening is still tiny. He is eight years old.
ok. I know I am in the right place for some great information. My son is 8 years old. His foreskin balloons when he pees and has for a while since yesterday he has complained of pain while peeing to the point of crying and sreaming and was also red and slightly swollen. today he is not red but still burns shen he pees. He says it feels like neddles. Even when he touches his penis. His foreskin opening is small, but the urine passes freely. We took him to the doctor...
New Posts  All Forums: