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Talked to my mother and her husband. He has really taken to this issue and drawn up some plans to turn the larger master into two rooms. They're suppose to do this in a month. I'm super excited about this. Smaller rooms is okay by me. And will actually, hopefully work to my advantage during a sale, eventually. Even though the rooms will be smaller, it will be the only 3 bedroom. And this will hopefully make up the difference between what I owe and what things are selling...
No, there's really not a lot of space. She would probably like something like that. I was looking at the pictures, and I could open up the 2 doors of the closet and use that as his space, and then there would be room for bookshelves. I would use the third closet door for their clothing. There is a two-tier hanging rack in that one.
   If I do put a divider between the two beds, it leaves my daughter with no window. It'd be perfect if the window were over to the right 2 feet.
Nope, no IKEA. I could get those cubicles, I have one 2X8square one currently for their books/toys. Maybe a few more could act as a 1/2 wall divider? I only have one picture currently. I can get back to you with more. I'm coming off a double night shift at the moment. To the right of her bed is the door. When opened it meets her bedframe. Directly to the left is the only window, and kitty corner her bed, behind the picture is the boy's bed. The wall the pink frame is...
So I'm not exactly sure which category this best belongs to, but I know all of the posters here are good at problem solving, so here it goes.   I currently have a 2 bedroom townhouse. My problem is that I have 2 children. One almost 6 year old girl, and an almost 4 year old boy. So for the past 3 years they've shared a room. It has been fine, up until last year when my daughter began kindergarten. Since then she has expressed the desire for her own space, and I think...
I'm not sure if this is the most appropriate place to post this, but since it is aimed at rochester's surrounding area I couldn't think of anything else. There is a consignment sale coming up in April in the city of Canandaigua. I'm a big fan of re-using and selling what we've used so I figured I'd pass it along for anyone else interested.     www.tot2teen.net is the website for information.
Compare the tax rates outside the village boarder to those inside. It might not be worth it to pay an extra grand a year. Bath is an okay area from what I know. Not the best, but certainly not the worst either. I know someone who works at the VA down there. They like it. 
There's a VA in Rochester and I know there's an office in Canandaigua. Both have nice areas. And $150,000 would get your a quite respectable house in both areas. Homeschooling was mentioned earlier in the thread and my mom homeschooled me for a short period. I remember there being local groups for support. Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.
I would count it as a travel expense. You wouldn't need the kennel if you weren't going on vacation.    Now the food is tricky. Because you won't be buying food at home. I would go with travel. In order to partially fund it though I would use whatever money from the food budget I wasn't going to be using because I'm not home.
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