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Is there a list of alternative foods for people who are eliminating dairy? Milk, cheese and yogurt make up a huge portion of my son's diet. How similar in flavor are soy based products? My ds is extremely picky and will rarely try anything new.
Does it let up after a while? Does washing help remove some of those hairs?
I bought some Berroco ultra alpaca and it is, for lack of a better term, really hairy. It sheds like crazy. Is this normal for alpaca yarns? Can I do anything about it? I wanted to make some Xmas gifts using Knitpicks Andean Silk, but I don't want to run into the same problem.
How about http://yarn.com/webs/0/0/0/0-1001-1294-1323/0/0/2282/ There are also a few on www.yarnmarket.com. If you do a search on worsted and the keywords Machine Washable.
My ds (almost 3) does this a lot as well. As long as I am watching him I let him roll around splashing and carrying on. But when he starts jumping or throwing himself in a way that can result in slipping and hitting his head, I tell him bathtime is over unless he stops. If he keeps doing it then I get him out of the tub. It took one or two baths before it sunk in and he listened to the first warning. I want him to have fun, but I draw the line at anything that can...
Does superwash wool tend to be itchy? I have some superwash sock yarn and it has a very rough feel to it. Does it soften up at all?
My ds also hates it when I brush his teeth. Since I have a mouth full of fillings due to poor dental care as a child, I don't give in on this one. Wrapping him in a towel as a pp suggested works really well. Other times I have to restrain him myself. I get his toothbrush ready and sit him up on the sink. With one hand I hold his hands/wrists together and with that same arm I get him in a sort of headlock so he can't squirm away. The top of his head is wedged under my arm....
My ds is 2.5 years and we finally got rid of the pacifier. I also did not have the heart to just take it away. What worked for us was to snip a little bit of the tip off. He noticed it was broken, but still wanted it. Then I snipped more and more each day until it was impossible for him to hold onto even with his teeth. We talked about how his nuk was broken and had to be thrown away. He still occasionally asks for it but I remind him that it's gone b/c it broke and he...
I also had to start my ds on formula when he was 8 mths old. When I wanted to get rid of the bottles, I made sure that I only put formula in them so I could slowly phase them out. All other liquids went in sippy cups and I offered those throughout the day. You might have to try different cups b4 you find one that your son likes and will take without complaint. You could try the soft spouted ones like Avent and Nuby. I think those are supposed to be helpful during...
I am planning on making a cardigan for my sister and need help choosing the yarn. It has to be worsted weight and machine washable (dryable if possible too) b/c I know she will not hand wash it. I have tried woolease before and hated it. Are there other wool blends out there that have a nice feel to them? Are superwash wools a better idea? Thanks for any help!
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