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Quote: Originally Posted by eden/averymum what do you mean you secured things with knots? I have seamed lots of stuff and just weave in the ends as usual and they hold well. I did weave the ends in, but first I would loop the yarn around a stitch and make a little knot b/c I was paranoid that weaving would not be enough. : It only happened at that one shoulder so I know I goofed somehow.
What worked for you during the day/night? Ds still wets at night so I need something absorbant. How many should I get?
I recently made the Haiku sweater from Knitty for my niece. It was my first project that required seaming and it turned out ok. However, I just saw the sweater again and one of the sleeve seams has come undone at the shoulder. I thought I secured everything properly with little knots and even thought that I used too many. How can I avoid this in the future? Does the type of yarn make a difference? I used Shine from Knitpicks. It was a pain in the butt to knit with and...
Quote: Originally Posted by silverfern I assume your in the states? How much did you pay for shipping? it depends on what method you choose for shipping if you choose airmail it would take around 4-5 days if they ship surface it can take 6+ weeks. I'd contact them and find out. You have to report lost items within 28 days with royal mail and often companys have in their t&c that you have to notify them within this time that you haven't recieved the item...
On average, how long does shipping from the uk take? I ordered some addis from http://www.kangaroo.uk.com/ on April 30 and still have not received them.
Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I have been making myself nuts b/c I tried to do the Jaywalker socks top down and could not get the size right. I started it toe up and everything was going well until I got past the ankle and realize it was too tight. I'll have to check out that book Jenn. Thanks!
How do you determine how many stitches to cast on for top down socks? So far I have only made toe up socks and measured around the ball of the foot. Can I use the same # for both types of socks? I'm asking b/c I tinker with sock patterns b/c I use size 2 or 3 needles when the patterns often call for size 0 or 1.
I am finishing up the Haiku sweater and ran into some problems when seaming on the first sleeve. The way the sweater is knit results in bound off stitches along the front armhole and cast on stitches along the back armhole. On my sweater this resulted in a very loose edge in the front and a very tight one w/ clearly visible "v's" in the back. Are there certain cast ons/off that match each other so that the edges look the same when completed? I had a hard time seaming up...
I am almost done knitting the Haiku sweater from Knitty and I cannot get the buttonholes right. This is the first time I have attempted them and it's driving me nuts. The stitches around the holes are too loose, so it looks like a tiny hole next to the big one. Is there a way to make neat holes? Would the type of stitch (garter knit sideways) make a difference? Thanks for any help.
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