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Ugh, I can't even get past the toe! This is the pattern I am using. I am trying to do the short row toe using dpns. Rows 1 and 2 make sense, but then I get confused. When I get to an unwrapped stitch do I just move the yarn forward/backward, slip the stitch onto the right needle and then slip the remaining wrapped stitches as well? Do the wrapped stitches just keep getting slipped back and forth without being worked?
I am trying to keep the left over bits of yarn organized and labeled. Is it safe to use ziploc bags? Will the lack of air to weird things to the color or the texture? Thanks
When I needed prefolds I got a good $$$ at www.divadiapers.com
Yeah, if you bought her a seat you will need to have her carseat with her. I have never found gatechecking a stroller that difficult and they usually have it ready for me by the time I get off of the plane. I bring our big Graco with us b/c it can hold everything all the way up to the gate. That allows me to carry ds or let him walk while the stroller holds the carseat and basket holds the diaper or carry on bag. Like the pp said lots of little toys and books are great...
I cannot remember how this started but we: - close the blinds - let him have a small zoo of stuff animals on the bed - let him have a book or car to play with on the bed - give him a sippy cup - wind up his teddy bear - leave the room Sometimes he will just hang out in there and play on his bed for a half hour b4 falling asleep. If he is too cranky, it will take longer or I just give up on trying to get him down for a nap.
Quote: Originally Posted by meesh38 Thanks for the feedback! What kind of cover works best with these? We have had the best luck with a well lanolized Aristocrat over the VB.
I have a VB simply nights from www.bluelakediapers.com and it works really well. My ds is an extremely heavy wetter so I still have to change him at night, but it holds a lot. We didn't have luck w/ FB at night b/c he would just leak out the sides.
I have never tried the originals, but I really like the bumpy soft cover. Since my ds has really skinny legs I have to fasten the aplix tightly, but the cover never leaves read marks. We use it with prefolds and have never had any leaking. I dry mine over the shower curtain rod and it doesn't take any time at all.
Thanks for the ideas. We have tried various stool softeners, but not the magnesium. I will have to check it out. Nothing seems to be working though b/c even though we are doing everything to keep the stools soft, he is really fighting it and holding it all in.
My ds has been dealing with constipation for a few months now and is at the point where he will hold it in no matter what. Changes in diet, laxative, and encourgagement just don't work. The only thing that has been getting anything out is an enema. Now even that is no longer an option since he screams and hits like he is fighting for his life when we try to give him one. His ped offered to prescribe Miralax if nothing else worked. I was wondering how well this would work...
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