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I declined the test with my first 3 pregnancies as I was low risk.  My midwife just asked me about it at my appointment yesterday and I decided to decline it this time too, though I do have one more risk factor this time as I am now 35.  Still low risk IMO and I don't like the sound of the test, so I'm not doing it.
I've flown while pregnant a few times, in my first and second trimester. It was totally fine. I'm flying to Boston next week with my 21mo DS which will be fine as it's only just over 1 hr (from Buffalo) and I'll be 16 weeks then. Our whole family is flying to New Zealand (from Toronto) for 3.5 weeks in a month from now by which time I'll be 20 weeks (24 when we return). I haven't flown that far while pregnant before so I'll def wear my support stockings. We are trying to...
II wasn't considered "High risk" in any of my pregnancies. I have had midwives with all my pregnancies. I'm now 35 yrs old and 14 wks pregnant with my 4th and still not considered high risk. I'm planning a natural midwife home birth (like my last birth).So I'm not sure why they would consider you high risk just because of being hypothyroid. My family dr follows my thyroid (I just had my dose increased from 150mcg to 175mcg). I did have my thyroid antibodies checked last...
Oh, so sorry to hear your news. Hugs mama
I had an ultrasound at 6 wks and the heartbeat was "low" - not sure how low. Had a repeat ultrasound at 7.5 weeks and normal heartbeat - 144. My midwife was very reassuring that the heart starts beating at about 6 weeks and takes some time to "ramp up" so it's quite normal. Could you maybe be a couple of days earlier even? If not, I still wouldn't worry. Maybe your LO is just a little late getting going. When is your next checkup or US?
Here is my latest update... Saw my MW yesterday (I'm now 11.5 weeks) and heard the heart beat.  I still had gushes of blood until about 8.5 weeks and then light bleeding until about 10 weeks.  Bleeding stopped until I went hiking and then I had light bleeding for a few days.  I haven't had any bleeding in a week now and am mostly doing normal stuff though no hiking etc atm.  Heard the heart beat yesterday and all seems well    Thanks for the support!
 I get up at least twice per night to pee.  So annoying...
Yay! Great news!
Good luck. Spotting is always scary but very common and usually not a problem.
On man, I would be having a hard time with that too. Luckily we recently night weaned. If not I would have been experiencing the same thing you are. I find it really hard when I have little people climbing all over me right now. Could you maybe try to night wean?
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