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I just had a VBA2C 2 weeks ago. I was also told by my former OB that surgery was the only way to go however the hospital an hour away from does VBACs and had just changed their policy about more than one previous section. I would look for another opinion asap. On the other hand having more than one previous section does carry additional risks as does having less than 18 months between the last section and this labor as the scar has less time to heal. You also don't...
2955 Only two weeks left till baby will be arriving so I'm going to set my goal for 3000 and call it good. Of course I'm hoping my DH will go through his clothes  and stuff still.
Since it's so early in the year and I'm still trying to really simplify things I decided to keep going ( or can I get a head start on next year :)) 2346
Well I've made it plus a little!  2011/2011
Thanks Jenniro! Until you said it I had forgotten that yes indeed this time I will have a birth story :joy  This new OB is very supportive of VBACs and has full faith in the midwifes who work at the hospital. The OB is more in the wings and while the OR will be on stand by once I go into labor they're both there JIC. I just Love when they look at the facts and work with you so you can make your own decisions. Seems like of course thats the way it should be but sadly it...
I finally got in to see the other hospital- wow we like them sooo much better. They said I am a good candidate for a VBAC! Other than a hep-lock they don't require anything for a VBAC no continuous fetal monitor. I can still use the birth tub even. Apparently they have had several other people come from my former OB who had similar experiences. I feel so much better about it now and have actual answers to my questions no just OMG your baby will die and you might too!!
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