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We cut out all refined sugars mainly and continue with vitamins and eating vegetables and healthy foods.  I swear cutting out the sugar helps tremendously.  If any of us do get sick, it's for usually 2-3 days only about once a year.
Ok, thank you! I guess I was just making sure I wasn't trying to keep my son up too long.  Once again my instincts have served me right and I should pay attention to his cues.  Sometimes a gal just needs a little reassurance!  I don't really remember much of my daughter's sleeping habits before around 4 months so I couldn't remember what it was like.
I have a question about naps.  My boy is 3.5 months and I was wondering if anyone is scheduling naps yet or just going with the flow.  With my daughter she just napped whenever she got tired and was a cat-napper starting around 4 months (Up for 2 hours, nap for 30 minutes, repeat until bedtime).  I didn't start a solid napping routine with her until she was about 7/8 months.  I need to do that earlier with my son so I have some kind of structure to my day and so I can...
I would like to join as well! Thanks :)
I've been shopping sales at the tiny selection at Kohls, as I like their stuff more than Target.  I have also gotten some stuff at Motherhood, but their store isn't as close to my house as Kohls so I don't get there too often.  I also just came across a consignment website (so, can't try anything on) that has some decent prices on maternity and more http://www.bumptobumpmaternity.com/home.php. I have not used this site, so I cannot vouch for it, I just happened across it. 
  She sure loves helping Dad!  Also, once she saw Dad wearing his hat, she wanted to wear hers too!
  Her first time at the ocean. She had just turned 1.
    She LOVES the "wheeler" as she calls it.
  I was 36 weeks here and now she's almost 2!
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