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It could be either.  It could be ovulation, too.
It's my dream to work with animals.   Unfortunately, I'm not at all scientifically inclined, so there isn't really anything I could do that would pay enough.  Working with kids (and having to deal with their parents) would be out of the question for me- I'm not a people person, at all.
Most of the stuff I've read says 13 weeks, although often the author will say that it's pretty arbitrary.
I'm ready to join this party!   Dyanna, 35, got my BFP our first month of TTC.  It's our first baby!   EDD: 11/21/11 (Which means we conceived on the cycle starting on Valentine's Day!  )   I'm totally excited, and nervous, and all of that good stuff.  I'm kind of in shock, because we really didn't think this would happen so quickly, lol.  I'm a bit apprehensive too, because of my age, but I'm going to do my best to just enjoy the ride and take things as they...
Hello!  I'd like to introduce myself to the group.    I just found out last night that I'm pregnant for sure- even though I've suspected it for a few weeks (and in spite of the BFN I got on Saturday)!   * Name: Dyanna * EDD: 11/21/11 (hey 11/11, that's kind of neat!) * Age: 35 * Location: Brooklyn, NY * What number child is this for you: First! * Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): husband (33), kitty (almost 11), a bunch of fish (of varying...
Hi again ladies- I hoped I would have an answer soon, and here it is.  I had proof positive last night that it's possible to get pregnant right away after removing your IUD...   I had mine taken out somewhere around week 3 in my cycle, so I did have a period in between removal and starting TTC.
Hello ladies, I'm just checking in briefly... I haven't been active since my first post last month- I haven't really had anything to add!  I don't plan on posting any more, either- because I found out last night that I'm pregnant!  Hopefully I won't have to come back for another two years or so, and I hope to see you all soon in the various pregnancy threads! 
Congratulations, Capretta.  We were successful too- I just found out last night that I'm pregnant.  I can relate to much of what you're saying.  I didn't always want kids- until about two years ago the idea was completely foreign to me, and I was actually dead-set against having children.  I'm not sure if what it took was spending time with my little neice, or perhaps my age and my hormones were messing with my head, who knows!  Anyway, I did start to feel a kind of...
I'm curious too, as I had mine removed a few weeks ago.  Heck, if I'm lucky, I'll have an answer for you soon!  :)    BTW, I thought the removal was a piece of cake.  My dr did it right after she did my pap.  I actually thought the pap just pinched a lot, that's how quick it was.  I cramped a little and had some light spotting for the rest of the day, but that was it.
  You know, I didn't pass out, but I do remember feeling really woozy on the subway afterwards (and it was rush hour so of course I had to stand the whole ride).  I guess it was the combination of the endorphins and lack of food.  I had eaten a decent lunch, and also taken Advil beforehand- but I wound up having to wait close to two hours to see my dr!  One of the OBs was at a delivery so the other drs were taking her patients, and they were really backed up.   Anyway,...
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