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The lightly padded shoulder on the maya is super comfy.  I actually prefer it over SBP.
How are you with wrapping?  A sturdy woven wrap would work, and be easier to carry on a hike (added bonus, it can be used as a blanket for a picnic).
SleepingBabyProduction has very affordable rs.  I also like the shoulder on the maya rs.  FYI, if you find the tail on your rs to be too long, you can wrap the tail around the rings, getting it out of your way.   The seven sling has gotten lots poor reviews.  I'm glad that it works for the pp, but I wouldn't buy one.
I know that some of the infantino mt have been poorly made...I'm not sure if this has been fixed or not.  If you do get one, I'd give the straps a good hard tug at the seam where it connects to the body of the carrier.  If it holds, then I'd feel ok using it.  I'm not sure how much padding they have, so I'm not sure how comfy it will be for an older baby.  Have you considered any wraps?  I love wraps for new babies.
A moby is going to be really hot.  If you like the wrap (I prefer wraps for newborns), there are cooler fabrics to choose from.  Wrapsody has one, and there are also gauze wraps.  Another option is a ring sling.  Linen would be my preference, although if you want a water rs, mesh or solarveil are also options.     I do not like the seven sling...there have been too many reports of poor quality for me to want to spend money on one.
For lots of ups and downs, I really like the scootababy.  I can leave it on my waist, and quickly get the baby in and out.  It is one shouldered, so if I'm going to be wearing for a longer time, I'll grab a 2 shouldered carrier instead (love my chunei for back carries!).
I have a monkey pocket that is wool...plenty warm enough for us.  They can also be ordered with fleece lining to make it warmer.
Wool wraps should not go in the dryer. because the wool will felt, and weaken the fabric.  As the pp said, cotton, linen/cotton, hemp/cotton are ok in the dryer.
When you hold him in your arms, what position is he in?  Can you do the same position with a carrier?
I'd check on thebabywearer, especially in the special needs forum.  I think the bjorn is a bad choice for dyplasia.
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