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Onsburg fabric is another good choice for a diy wrap.
I'd also say OhSnap.
I would say a shorty wrap, tied in a rebozo.
Have you checked the FSOT on thebabywearer?  You can usually find deals there.
You can use a shorter woven wrap.  Another option is to make your own stretchy wrap with cotton knit fabric.  I made my own stretchy wrap (no-sew, the only "work" involved was cutting the fabric), so I was able to make it the length I wanted.  Maybe a k'tan?  I haven't used one.
My DS was the same at that age.  Facing in just made him mad, as he wanted to be able to suckle all the time.  Instead of facing him in, in the tummy to tummy position, I sat him sideways.  He had plenty of head support from the side of the ringsling or stretchy wrap (my favorite carriers for the newborn stage).  He did grow out of it, and was able to ride facing me w/o getting upset.
A guaze wrap is a great idea.  Make your own, or one from wrapsody.  Another good choice is a linen ringsling.
I wouldn't go for a frame backpack.  How about a BabyHawk OhSnap?  The ergo is 14" wide, while the OhSnap is 16.5" wide, which should support your DD better.
This is a pic of a ring sling.  There is a seam where the rings are sewn to the fabric (the seam is located on the back of the model's shoulder, and there are usually several lines of stitching).  You are probably thinking of a no-sew ringsling, which are far less common.   There are plenty of perfectly safe babycarriers out there, but the few bad ones have made shopping for safe ones more difficult.  There are some very good etsy carriers, and some questionable ones. ...
They don't have very good reviews.
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