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My twins are almost 3 years older than my youngest, and I chose to wait to send them to preschool.  I'm glad I did, because as soon as they went, they brought home so many colds!
Uh, no I would not go into a stranger's house.
She is a lucky girl to have such a supportive family!  You can tell by how happy she is :)
I don't know...we've had along cool spring here as well.  My poor tomato plants got covered in 2' of snow!  They are fine, as it did not freeze, but we could use some more sun here too!
They've been on tv shows as well, like Grey's.
It hasn't been freezing here at night, but I probably should have covered parts of the garden anyways.  Fortunetly, the weather has turned warmer, and the plants look perkier.  The broccoli spouts are all gone (I think a bug was munching on them).  The green strawberries look like they will be ok.  The only casuality was a tomato plant that had it's top half snapped off from the weight of the snow, but the rest of the plant looks ok (bummer, because the top half had a...
I do, when needed, but DH thinks it's gross (but he does other things in there  ).
My poor little sprouties just got snowed on!  It is really not supposed to snow here in May!  According to the news, we just had the coldest day time high in May since they started keeping records in 1850.  We did have a few days in the 90's, so I really thought winter was over!  The peas and beans actually look ok, since it didn't stay cold for too long, but the eggplants do not look happy.  One of the tomato plants had the top snapped off - even though it was in a...
Are you planning on hicking/backpacking with the carrier, or more for around the house/shopping?  If it's for around the house and shopping, I would not get a frame carrier.  Frame carriers are bigger, bulkier, and heavier than soft carriers.  I tried wearing a fram carrier (a nice one too!), but it threw off my center of gravity, because it felt top heavy.  I have no trouble wearing my DS, but I need his weight to be supported by my hips, and not my shoulders.  I think...
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