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The wrapsody is another light weight wrap.
Joann's always has coupons out, so you can pick up some fabric for cheap.  Knit jersey and cotton gauze make perfect diy wraps on the cheap!
Another ssc to consider is the OhSnap by babyhawk.
How about a buckle carrier, like the Oh Snap by BabyHawk or Boba (both are taller than the ergo)?
I just fed my guys one at a time, as I never could get the tandem thing down.  It's a good theing that they were my first born kiddos, because it seemed like I just b'fed babies ALL. DAY. LONG.
My favorite hip carrier is a Scootababy.  It is awesome for hip carries, but it is limited to only hip carries.
You will be able to wear your newbie for longer (both age wise, and hour wise), and the wrapsody is cooler than the moby, so I would go for it.
I wouldn't do it.  The knit fabric is just not supportive enough.  I would also pick a cooler fabric for summer use (layers and layers of knit get quite hot in the summer!). 
I never had any luck with a bjorn.  I would also suggest an OhSnap.
The scootababy is the best ssc style hip carrier out there.   You can also sport the awesome high, side pony tail for back carries ;)
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