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I would not reccomend a moby for 2 reasons.  They are only usefull up until the baby is 15lbs.  The knit fabric is much warmer to wear than a thinner woven wrap.  A wrapsody would be a good choice.   For ring slings I found the maya lightly padded shoulder to be very comfy.
My guys were born at 36w0d, and spent 12 days in the NICU (silly critters were slow eaters).  They also had very slow weight gain, and had a mix of bottles and breast (almost 100% bottle and formula in the NICU to almost 100% breast by 3mo).  Waking babies at night is something that is easy for a Dr to say, but not so easy for the peson who has to do the waking up!  I also found a lactation consultant who was helpful, and very supportive of breast feeding.   Now that...
Baby A was vertex from like 20 weeks on.  Baby B was transverse to breech to transverse to vertex (he was in my ribs all the time!).  They were both vertex at delivery (emercency c-section at 36 weeks due to pre-e).
For a hip carry, I really like the Scootababy, as it's way more supportive than any other rs or pouch I've tried.
I use a Monkey Pocket.  I have a wool one, which is very nice for the winter.  I used ours almost daily this winter, since I take my older boys outside to play.  DS is perfectly warm, especially at that gap between pant leg and sock.  I haven't used it with a stroller, but it would be easy to do so.    I also have a solarveil cover for the summer time.  I haven't used the solarveil one much yet, but I expect to once the weather gets warmer (more rain...
Patapum are great carriers!  I think you will be fine with the baby size for quite a while.    I see that you planning on a moby...which I love for newborns!  But, since it's almost summer you may want to consider a lighter weight wrap, like wrapsody, or a thinner linen blend.
You've had some great responces, so I'll just add that there is no way that I could have cared for any additional children beyond my own newborn twins.  I needed extra help for caring for myself!
Great!  I was also going to suggest either sleepingbaby or a maya rs (love the maya shoulder!).
It really will get better mama.  That first whole year is so hard.  My twins are now 7yo.  There were so many times when I just wanted to ditch the whole nursing thing too.  In fact, we did do bottles at night, because at the end of the day I was d.o.n.e.  They did, however, bf for 16 months.  When they were your twins age (6 months), going on a walk was a life saver.  We went every mid-morning, and that time became their naptime, and I think I fell in love with BOB...
I know some mamas have been able to carry the whole pregnancy.  The waist belt han help support your growing belly.  You can also wear a wrap, or high back carry with a MT to avoid your belly...what ever is comfy for you.
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